How My Career Path Towards Computers Began


While I was attending Los Angeles Valley college I had a friend ask me if I was interested in a job opening at the computer store that he worked at. As you should know by now I was an avid computer fan but treated it as a hobby. Here I had a chance to make money based on that passion and I jumped at the chance.

I had decided that I was going to major in journalism at school. I enjoyed my class and had been writing for the school newspaper. At the end of the semester for my journalism class we had a final. We had a speaker come in to tell us a story in which we had to write an article for. I had zero interest in the subject matter and quickly realized that I really struggled to write about something I wasn’t passionate about. It wasn’t long after this epiphany that I decided to quit school and begin working full-time at the computer store.

This computer store was called Comsoft and specialized in Commodore 64 software and peripherals. After working there for a year we had a loyal customer that approached my friend that got me the job there and let him know that he wanted to create a new computer store and asked if he and I would be willing to go work for him. The position would essentially make me an assistant manager so I would have much more responsibility to grow. I accepted and joined this new company called Logical Choice for Computing.

I worked at this store for several years and later became a manager. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge working at this store. I learned many lessons including buying, pricing products, advertising, and inventory management to name a few. This was an education in running a business that I was able to get that would prove extremely valuable in my next career move.