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First Microsoft Site Builder Conference
First Microsoft Site Builder Conference

My First Website

With the birth of the World Wide Web I tried to learn as much as I could as quickly as I could. During that process I learned how to register domain names and build websites. The first domain I registered was in 1996 and I built my first website for it using only simple HTML near the end of that year. Later on I learned a little bit of ASP and then re-built the site using ASP tied to a Microsoft Access Database.

Initially I used the website to publish my poetry, promote my Quake Clan, and write about interesting stuff I saw on the web. Later I began to write about lots of tech related topics like hardware reviews, web development, and general commentary. I continue to blog on the site today.

In 2004 I was introduced to WordPress and moved to that software. I was amazed by the simplicity and power I now had access to for creating my website. As of today I still use WordPress to power the website. You can see the progression of the website over the years by visiting The Wayback Machine. circa 1996 circa 1996

The Birth of Lifestream Blog

In 2007 during the early days of social media I researched ways to aggregate the data I was creating across multiple services and later created as a resource for this information. Later I expanded the content on Lifestream Blog to cover all capturing of personal data digitally (A concept known as Lifelogging) and later the devices, apps and services to improve our lives based on that data (A concept known as the Quantified Self).

I attended a talk at the 2012 SXSW conference that had a huge impact on me. I had already written a bit about how our personal data will play a role in the future and how that data may transform issues related to our death. The talk inspired me to dive in more deeply around that subject matter and I created a whole section of the site dedicated to the concept now known as Digital Legacy. This concept has several aspects to it regarding how to plan and preserve our personal digital data while we’re alive and for when we’re gone. This is an area I’m very passionate about and continue to write about today.

All of My Active Websites

  • – An eclectic mix of technology, poetry, stuff I find, and my ramblings.
  • Lifestream Blog – Information to organize, present and secure personal data for life improvement and storytelling.
  • Digital Legacy Management – Learn how to protect your personal data, ensuring it never gets lost or destroyed and can be passed on to future generations.
  • My Digital Legacy – (this site)