Ogden Elementary School Chicago 1979

Schools I Attended

Below are the approximate dates and of all the schools I’ve attended. This is a work in progress that will get updates and photos. Illinois Eugene Field Elementary Everett Mckinley Dirksen Elementary School Ogden Elementary School California Robert A. Millikan Junior High School Ulysses S. Grant High School Los Angeles Valley College Argentina[Still need to […]

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Where I’ve Lived

Below are the approximate dates and in some cases locations of all the places I’ve lived. This is a work in progress with more locations to be added and I will also incorporate photos for some of the locations in the future. [1965?]6207 North California Ave Chicago, IL (Where my parents lived before I was

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[Images shown here is a snapshot as of September 2017] One of the earliest services to help me track my music listening habits was which provides historical data for the artist, songs, and albums I listen to. Here are some images showing that data. Keep in mind that some of this data can be

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Family Tree

This is the family tree I originally created using Geni. I’ve invited several family members to collaborate on adding people and additional details. Click image below for large version [Last Updated: 9/22/17]

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23 and me Ancestry


I used 23andme which is a service that analyzes your DNA to provide me with my ancestry composition. Below are the details from the report they’ve generated. I know that my Grandfather fled Poland during World War II to Argentina and surely is why I’m 44.6% Ashkenazi Jewish. I also recall meeting my Great Grandmother

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Travel Data

My travel and location is captured primarily using my smartphone with several apps and data stored in my photos. Read my full post or view the images and captions below. Being able to track my location has primarily come in the form of having my smartphone use its GPS location and providing that data to

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