poetry book photo shoot


I had interest in creative writing when I was young. I remember enjoying writing as part of my schooling. Eventually I felt this would become what would drive my career path and when attending college I chose Journalism as a major. However I realized fairly quickly that I did not like writing about areas I …

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First Microsoft Site Builder Conference

Websites I’ve Created

My First Website With the birth of the World Wide Web I tried to learn as much as I could as quickly as I could. During that process I learned how to register domain names and build websites. The first domain I registered was in 1996 and I built my first website for …

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Alex playing Battlefield

Video Games

From childhood until today, video games have been a passion of mine. I remember the first video game system I ever asked my Mom to buy me was a dedicated breakout game. I remember getting the system when I was about 11 or 12. Shortly after that I remember getting an Atari 2600 which was …

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Triple Jump at North Hollywood High School 1984

High School Sports

When I look back at organized sports I played as a child I specifically remember some baseball, track and field, and gymnastics. To this day I’ve kept some of the medals I won. I remember doing the parallel bars and horse for gymnastics and being part of a show. For track and field, I liked …

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