Mark Krynsky


[Images shown here is a snapshot as of September 2017] One of the earliest services to help me track my music listening habits was which provides historical data for the artist, songs, and albums I listen to. Here are some images showing that data. Keep in mind that some of this data can be […]

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Family Tree

This is the family tree I originally created using Geni. I’ve invited several family members to collaborate on adding people and additional details. Click image below for large version [Last Updated: 9/22/17]

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23 and me Ancestry


I used 23andme which is a service that analyzes your DNA to provide me with my ancestry composition. Below are the details from the report they’ve generated. I know that my Grandfather fled Poland during World War II to Argentina and surely is why I’m 44.6% Ashkenazi Jewish. I also recall meeting my Great Grandmother

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Alex playing Battlefield

Video Games

From childhood until today, video games have been a passion of mine. I remember the first video game system I ever asked my Mom to buy me was a dedicated breakout game. I remember getting the system when I was about 11 or 12. Shortly after that I remember getting an Atari 2600 which was

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Triple Jump at North Hollywood High School 1984

High School Sports

When I look back at organized sports I played as a child I specifically remember some baseball, track and field, and gymnastics. To this day I’ve kept some of the medals I won. I remember doing the parallel bars and horse for gymnastics and being part of a show. For track and field, I liked

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Why Did I Build This?

I’ve been writing about the topic of Digital Legacy for several years. There are several aspects to this concept which include organizing my personal digital data, making sure I provide instructions to loved ones to access if I die, and publishing my life story online which is what motivated me to build this site. This

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How Did I Build This?

This site is a work in progress. It’s a proof of concept I’m working on to provide a digital autobiography and memoir of my life. I’m still modifying many aspects from the design, to the content as well as structure. It will continue to evolve over time. Below I have provided all of the details

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Atop our hotel in Buenos Aires

Trip to Argentina

2017 In January my Dad told me he was planning a trip to Argentina. I had asked him to let me know when he was planning to go again with the hope that I would be able to join him. Although the timing wasn’t great for me I realized I had to seize this opportunity

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