Map of places I've traveled to as of 2023


Traveling the world is one of the biggest goals in my life. This area provides a glimpse into the places I’ve visited through stories, photos and videos. List of Places I’ve Been

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View from atop the Moon pyramid in Teotihuacan

4 Glorious Days in Mexico City

Esther and I took a spur of the moment trip to Mexico City in late September of 2018 which has been a destination I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time. The reason for the impromptu planning was two-fold. I had recently begun a bit of a sabbatical from work and subsequently got an email

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The Computer Network Partners

Career Path

I never felt early on that I had a calling of any kind and even though I had a passion for computers I never really correlated it with a career path. As I entered college I decided that journalism might be my destiny but quickly realized that while I loved to write, I didn’t enjoy

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poetry book photo shoot


I had interest in creative writing when I was young. I remember enjoying writing as part of my schooling. Eventually I felt this would become what would drive my career path and when attending college I chose Journalism as a major. However I realized fairly quickly that I did not like writing about areas I

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First Microsoft Site Builder Conference

Websites I’ve Created

My First Website With the birth of the World Wide Web I tried to learn as much as I could as quickly as I could. During that process I learned how to register domain names and build websites. The first domain I registered was in 1996 and I built my first website for

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How I Met Esther

My friend Russ worked at an auto dealership and had been singing my praises to one of his co-workers in an attempt to get her to go out with me. Previous attempts at his matchmaking skills didn’t go so well so I was pretty skeptical. In any case, after his continual pursuits she finally gave

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Ogden Elementary School Chicago 1979

Schools I Attended

Below are the approximate dates and of all the schools I’ve attended. This is a work in progress that will get updates and photos. Illinois Eugene Field Elementary Everett Mckinley Dirksen Elementary School Ogden Elementary School California Robert A. Millikan Junior High School Ulysses S. Grant High School Los Angeles Valley College Argentina[Still need to

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Where I’ve Lived

Below are the approximate dates and in some cases locations of all the places I’ve lived. This is a work in progress with more locations to be added and I will also incorporate photos for some of the locations in the future. [1965?]6207 North California Ave Chicago, IL (Where my parents lived before I was

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